"Healthy Eating is more than the food you eat."
- Canada's Food Guide

Providing nutritious meals and snacks is a fundamental piece of providing quality care. That’s why our hot meals and snacks are catered by Real Food for real kids who go above and beyond the Child Care and Early Years Act (CCEYA). Their menu is regularly reviewed and approved by a third-party Registered Dietitian. The real food promise consists of no artificial colours, flavour or sweeteners. They believe in sustainable farming seafood and locally farmed produce. Meats are pasture-raise with no added hormones or routine antibiotics along with organic chicken meatballs and turkey.

Accommodations are made for all children with dietary preferences or restrictions. Our food is pork and peanut free and we provide vegan, vegetarian and halal options.

Due to some of the children in our programs having anaphylactic allergies, we do not allow outside food or drink on the premises. We provide all the food that children require throughout the day except for the exception of infants who require puree food.

Real Food for Real Kids

Canada’s Food Guide