Communication with Parents

Communication is an integral part of Red Apple as we believe that providing parents with a glimpse of the children’s day to day assists in family’s peace of mind.

Red Apple Daycare uses HiMama as a means of communication from diaper changes to the children’s activities and the developmental milestones they are achieving. Each classroom is equipped with an iPad to record toileting, meals, moods, temperature, supplies needed, health, sleep and daily activities. Through the app parents are able to monitor in real time when their child used the toilet, what they had for lunch and what time they went to sleep.

Parental involvement and partnership is recognized to be key to the success of all aspects of our programs and services at Red Apple Day Care.  We ensure that parents are significant part in the development and delivery aspects of the services offered at our center.  Red Apple Day Care has an open door policy, and we believe that parents are the most influential persons in a child’s life so it’s very important that the center works cooperatively with parents to meet the needs of their child. Parents are always welcomed to come in and discuss their child development, take part in the center programs by offering ideas, help on trips, attend social gatherings, help with fundraising, etc.  Through open communication we can all work together to continue to make Red Apple Day Care a place where children learn and grow. 

This portal also allows parents to communicate directly with their child’s teachers. Once the day is done, parents get a summary of the day and all the fun things they have done.